Projects in total

IBM Security Scenario-based Web Game Development

Capstone Project - Full Stack web development

This is the Capstone Project I completed for my graduate study. The goal of this project is to develop a game to introduce IBM Security products and services. Click here to try this game!

• Developed a web game with Semantic UI, Spring Boot, following MVC design pattern.
• Designed and implemented front-end pages, utilizing JavaScript to realize interactions with users at front-end.
• Realized back-end functions under Spring Boot framework, calculating and displaying scores, retrieving data from MySQL database, displaying events with Pagination, and rendering results to the front-end pages.

Full Stack

Apartment Vacation Rental and Sublease Web Development

Individual Project

• Developing a website for students’ renting apartment using Spring Boot and MySQL with prototype driven development
• Defined exception handling and log processing; rendered static template files after retrieving data with Thymeleaf
• Built entities and relationships with JPA; realized combined query search with JPA Specification
• Implemented commenting, replying comments, and nested comments display with jQuery AJAX

Full Stack

Social Media Site Development

Individual Project

• Conducted development following Django MTV pattern, connected with SQLite to receive, store, and send back user data
• Implemented the front-end for users to register, log in, create groups, and post blogs with Django template inheritance
• Utilized Django Form and Model Form to collect information from users and save it to models, also realizing validation

Full Stack

Store Management Web Development

Individual Project

• Built REST APIs to realize interactions between client and server and stored objects to relational database with flask
• Processed the interactions with advanced request parsing for JSON payload and conducted proper error control
• Realized functions to allow for authentication, user log in and log out, token refreshing, and blacklisting with JWT

Back End

Daily Activity Lab, UT Austin

Research Intern

• Wrote Python scripts to address data wrangling for messy raw data, including unifying time structure, combining human- made labels and sensor-generated time slots, and realizing automatically processing data across all participants’ folders
• Visualized the waveform, spectrogram, and data labels for baby cry and fussing audio data using matplotlib and librosa
• Conducted preprocessing and framing on wav files and then extracted numerical audio features for cry/fuss classification

Data Analytics

Natural Language Processing Employee Review Analysis

Course Project - Data Cleaning and Machine Learning Analysis

• Preprocessed 60k+ employee reviews with different data types using Python, conducted topic modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Latent Semantic Analysis models, and made interactive visualization for the extracted topics
• Built multiple linear regression model to analyze the importance of typical topics among employee reviews, utilizing Batch Gradient Descent and Normal Equation to train the data and get results with minimum error

Data Analytics

Computer Vision and Text Detection Exploration

Course Project - Machine Learning Analysis

• Created a multi-modal (CV + NLP) classification system to predict whether a visual question is answerable or not
• Defined a feature representation using image and question based features, applied PCA to reduce feature dimensions
• Trained Gaussian Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, and SVM models for classification, reaching a 70% accuracy
• Reimplemented and modified a text detector to improve evaluation performance by 5% by reducing shrinkage coefficients

Data Analytics

Data Wrangling Analysis

Course Project - Raw Data Cleaning and DB Design

• Wrote Python scripts with csv library to clean raw data, including breaking down rows, unifying time and table structure
• Designed and implemented the database based on the cleaned data; used Python to connect to the database server, writing SQL to realize operations, address hierarchical location matching issues, and get query results

Data Analytics

Information Systems Design and Implementation Project

Undergraduate Course Project

• Implemented GUI information management systems in C/S and B/S architectures with C# and .Net
• Realized user management, entity management, system log management, and “CRUD” interactions with DB

Back End

Refined Oil Retail Network Development

Undergraduate Research Assistant

• Proposed multi-dimensional model for data integration to observe sales and operation indicators of gas stations
• Implemented a data analysis framework using Power BI for marketing evaluation to generate insights for future strategies
• Reached a 93% accuracy of classifying potentially acquired gas stations by applying KNN model

Data Analytics

University of Texas at Austin

M.S. in Information Studies

Aug. 2018 - May 2020

China University of Petroleum - Beijing

B.B.A. in Management Information Systems

Sep. 2014 - Jun. 2018